Leadership is the foundation for success in business. Create extraordinary success on your own terms and from the inside out.

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- Rosalyn C. RainDancer, Founder & CEO of The Conscious CEO Experience™

Leadership is the foundation for success in business. Create extraordinary success on your own terms and from the inside out.

I'll Show Your How- Press Play

- Rosalyn C. RainDancer, Founder & CEO of The Conscious CEO Experience™



Our Unique Approach

The Conscious CEO Experience™’s unique approach is born from Rosalyn C. RainDancer’s multi-passionate and interdisciplinary background. When you work with Rosalyn, you can expect a one-of-a-kind blend of strong spiritual foundation and business strategy smarts stemming from her innate personal qualities, life-long study and self-mastery, and real-world results. Her work is an integrative blend of coaching, consulting, training and mentoring.

Personal Qualities

  • Vivacious & Playful Optimist with Rebel-Warrior Spirit – So you can have someone to fight alongside with, because you are going to be fighting many battles. So that you can catch some of that energy and enthusiasm to pour into your business.
  • Swiss-Army-Knife Personal Growth Junkie – So you can receive tools and resources relevant to your journey. So you can get motivated and inspired, especially during moments of fear and doubt.
  • Strategy Whiz & Business Geek – So you can receive practical advice and strategic direction. So you can light a fire under you butt and have someone hold you actionable and accountable. So that you can see your vision become reality faster.
  • Alchemist-Healer-Activist & Catalyst for Change – So you can put your experience into the larger social context. So that you can identify your greatest pains and struggles and turn them into the most precious and powerful assets. So that they become blessings and gifts.
  • Shameless Foodie & Eco-Friendly TreeHugger – So you can access the powerful nourishment of nature to create and heal.

Professional Experience

13 Years’ Cumulative Experience in the following areas of business and organizational development:

  • Branding, Marketing & Communications
  • Business Strategy & Entrepreneurship
  • Community Development
  • Diversity and Intercultural Training
  • Employee Recruitment, Training & Development
  • Large-Scale Event Planning
  • Leadership
  • International & Adult Education
  • Non-Profit Management
  • Operations Management
  • Project Management
  • Personality-Based Sales
  • Training & Coaching
  • … and more

Life-Long Study & Self-Mastery

18 Years’ Cumulative Study & Training in the following areas of personal, professional and spiritual development:

  • Critical Race Theory
  • Social Justice & Peace Education
  • Community Economic Development
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Yoga
  • Theravada Buddhism
  • Vipassana Meditation
  • Values-Based Servant Leadership
  • Shamanism & Earth-Based Spirituality
  • Energy Healing
  • Spiritual Business Bootcamp
  • … and more

Successful Projects and Ventures

Successful Projects and Ventures with Rosalyn’s Leadership Include:

  • One Asian Education Inc. (2014), the world’s first coaching company empowering women of Asian heritage to achieve more success and more joy through the power of solidarity and sisterhood. Served as a Transformational Leader and built a community of 500+ empowered women of Asian heritage, friends and allies in 6 months. Designed and developed a replicable, leveraged system for delivering programs with high impact.
  • Export Ventures Group Inc. (2012-2014), North America’s one-of-a-kind export marketing, sales and management agency. Turned a one-person start-up to a 7-figure, award-winning industry leader in two years by building efficient systems for optimal operations, developing and implementing innovative marketing strategies, forging strategic alliances, and recruiting and training the right people for high-performance teams.
  • Multicultural Environmental Education Program (2008-2010), the first of its kind in Canada delivering environmental educational workshops and outings to a multicultural population. Developed and launched a unique media-based social marketing campaign, pioneering a model that is now being used by ethnocultural and environmental organizations across Canada.
  • antidote: Multiracial and Indigenous Girls and Women’s Network (2008-2011), an award-winning grassroots community-based organization or multi-racial girls and women. Spearheaded a rebranding project that resulted in stronger organizational identity, and greater visibility and award-winning recognition locally, provincially, nationally and internationally.
  • Climate Action Dividend (2008), an initiative of the Province of British Columbia that is intended to promote environment-friendly lifestyles. Recruited and trained 30 staff for the provincial call centre of the Climate Action Dividend within a two-month timeframe. Developed and implemented a human resource program to increase communication and team integration among department staff.
  • Initiative for Students, Teaching and Research in Chinese-Canadian Studies (INSTRCC) (2005), the first of its kind in a Canadian university. A Founding Student Fellow, and served as communications consultant to brand the new educational initiative. Designed and developed collateral materials such as website, letterhead, and business cards.
  • Silicon Chalk Inc. (2004), a unique educational software that enables teachers to beam classroom lectures and supplemental information to the personal computers of students. It allows distance students to participate and create an interactive recording of learning activities. Specialized in developing technical Help documentation and in rigorous usability testing. The start-up was acquired by Wimba, Inc. in 2005.
  • Growing and Learning Abroad (GALA) (2003-2004), the largest international student orientation and transition program in North America. Re-branded the program. Developed and implemented an inclusive and inspiring orientation and transition program for 1400 new students by managing communications roll-out and reception services for the program. Launched a new volunteer recruitment program that resulted in 200% more applications than previous year. Recruited, trained and managed a team of 150 outstanding student leaders.
  • Statistics Canada (2003), Canada’s national statistical agency. Developed internal and external marketing communications such as press releases, newsletters, executive summaries, briefings and letters, research and analytic reports. Coordinated press releases, media launches and departmental human resource events.
  • Tec de Monterrey-UBC Joint Academic Program (2002-2006), a Canada-Mexico university student exchange program. Branded and developed marketing communications materials for the program including website, brochures, and custom publications.