Radical Self Care: How to Harness the Power of Eclipses for More Focus & Abundance in Your Business

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Mother Nature is calling you! Will you pick up the phone or let it go to voicemail?

August is shaping up to be a powerful month.

By now, you may have heard (or felt) that there are two eclipses this month – a lunar eclipse during the full moon on August 7th and a total solar eclipse during the new moon August 21st, which occurs only once every 100 years.

What is an eclipse, exactly, and why does it merit attention of leaders in business? What do the moon and Sun have to do with success in business?

At a lunar eclipse, the earth is exactly between the Sun and the moon, casting a shadow on the full moon. During a solar eclipse, the moon is exactly in front of the Sun, throwing shade on the Sun.

Even if you’re not into Astrology and can barely tell the difference between the Zodiac signs, it’s worth paying attention to the astrological events that influence your overall health, well-being and performance.

Human beings belong to the great cycle of Life, of which Mother Nature plays the leading role. In a previous article on time management, I shared the importance of honouring your personal rhythms when it comes to specific times of day when you are most energized and productive. This is also true for honouring the rhythms of nature. By aligning with and harnessing the cycles of nature, you can be available to receive its gifts and generate more success in the process.

While in the last couple hundred years human beings have grown a big enough ego to allow ourselves to literally lord over Mother Nature – controlling, manipulating, exploiting her cycles, rhythms and resources – hopefully in the last several decades we have learned our lessons and humble ourselves enough to realize that we are not always in control. We are but a small part of a greater intelligence that innately knows how to bring everything back into harmony and balance. This calls for respect for these natural cycles and surrendering to their energies even if they cause periods of unrest and discomfort. They are designed to clear what’s no longer working and create space for what feels true and aligned for you.

These lunar events, which always take place during a new moon (solar eclipse) or a full moon (lunar eclipse) shake up the status quo and reveal things that are obscured from our view.

What this means is two-week period between the two eclipses (August 7th – August 21st) is a potent time for growth and transformation – that is, if you say YES to Mother Nature’s call.

Eclipses perfect time for reflection, re-evaluation, and restoration in order to create more focus & abundance

August is a fortuitous time because it is the 8th month of the year. In many cultures and traditions, including the Chinese culture and numerology, the number 8 is associated with wealth and abundance.

If you’re in business not just to make money but also to make a difference, it’s just as important to pay attention to the “making money” part.

There is 4.5 months left until the end of the year. The last quarter is historically the busiest and most profitable months of the entire year.

How can you prepare to create more abundance within the next few months?

How did you do with your goals this year?

What can you celebrate?

What headaches, confusions, challenges and problems have you been tolerating that if you were to be really honest with yourself, that is not acceptable?

What can you clear or let go of in order to have (not just want) everything that you set out to be and accomplish this year?

You are probably either already on vacation or planning a vacation (including myself) and it’s the perfect time to consider these questions while lounging at the beach, sleeping in and enjoying lazy summer days with family and friends, or relishing quiet time at a retreat centre.

I encourage you to allow the powerful energies of the two eclipses to dig deep into your heart, get honest with where you are at and what you want to change because now is the best time to change. Let this time propel you to positive change in the coming months.

You don’t have to do everything alone and on your own. Let Mother nature support you!

Free Companion Workbook and Community Support: Radical Self-Care Program

I’m excited to share a workbook that I normally only use with clients.

This self-paced, 15-day workbook is the perfect companion for this eclipse season as you go inward.

As leaders and entrepreneurs, we have developed almost superhuman ability to take care of things and people at a high level. In the process, it’s easy to put ourselves last.

Allow this time to claim radical self-care to recharge and refocus so you can be of better service to others – your family, friends, clients, colleagues and partners in business.

The best part is I’ll be doing the workbook alongside you! I’ll be popping into the group frequently to share my “aha”s and create space for you to do the same.

Join the Conscious CEO Experience Community™ on Facebook and download the workbook from the “Files” section, and let us know how you’re doing. See you there!

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