‘Tis the Season for Giving. Will you help me raise $10,000 for Charity?

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I want to take this opportunity to reach out and thank YOU for being in my life and for your presence in my business community, and to sincerely wish you the warmest and most joyful of holidays this month.

Year-end is often the busiest and most stressful time of the year. I am sure that there are endless things that demand your attention, from wrapping up work or business goals, attending social gatherings and holiday parties, making time to celebrate with family and friends … and, it’s likely that you may be enjoying a natural break or time off, and perhaps also considering how you can give to your community or to a charity.

What Are You Celebrating? 

I don’t know about you, but 2017 has been a year of blessings and learnings for me, and a lot of things to celebrate and be grateful for, and I, too, have been thinking deeply about how I can give back.

This month, I am celebrating my 35th birthday and 2-year anniversaryof my business, The Conscious CEO Experience™ Training & Consulting(yes that’s the official name on the registration ;)).

Since we launched in 2015 we have served dozens of leaders and entrepreneurs through Roundtable Luncheons, Lunch‘n Learns and private coaching on maximizing their results and effectiveness through conscious leadership from the inside out. I feel so blessed to work with some of the most high-achieving and deeply inspiring leaders in our community.

If you’ve been observing or following my work for some time now, you know that I firmly believe and teach that leadership is the foundation of business success, and that business and entrepreneurship is the most powerful vehicle for change. I believe you can – we can – make the world a better place through business.

You may or may not know that last month I spent a week in Hawaii at a Leadership Retreat with 30 other women leaders in business and we were inspiring and challenging each other to do something to tie business with giving back.

After I came home to Vancouver, I was so moved and inspired to do something! I thought about how I could integrate giving into my business activities and I decided that I’m going to launch a Charity Campaign to give to two of the most pressing issues in our world today: clean water and food security.

I decided that this year, to continue to serve more leaders, that I’m going to raise $10,000 (combined) to 2 charities: ReFood in Vancouver & Charity Water in New York.

Can you help?

Here’s the Campaign:

From December 18th (campaign launch) to January 31st, I am giving away 35 CEO Clarity Calls (initial coaching/consulting calls for new potential clients). They are normally $297 for 30 minutes and instead of paying me, 100% of the payment will go to the charity campaign.

$297 x 35 = $10,395 = we will meet our $10,000 goal!

Will you help me raise $10,000 by January 31st, 2018?

Here is how you can help:

  1. Make a donation of $297 towards food security (Canadian charity ReFood) OR clean water (U.S. charity Charity Water): 

ReFood Campaign Page:


Charity Water Campaign Page:


Then, book your 30-minute CEO Clarity Call here:

Even if you have received the call previously, how about a tune-up? You can feel good knowing that you did something good for you, your business and to get healthy food and clean water to more people.

  1. Attend the 2017 Holiday Party, Charity Campaign Launch & “Prosperity” Movie Screening on December 18th in Vancouver, Canada and invite your friends, colleagues and clients to attend.

 100% of the profits from this event will go towards the charity campaign as well.

Grab your tickets here with promo code to share CONSCIOUSCEO25:

  1. Forward this email to your network or community, or specific individuals whom you know would care about the campaign (clean water / food security) or whom you know could benefit from a business/leadership coaching session.

  2. It makes a great gift! Make a donation and gift a session to a friend, colleague or family member who could use it and who will feel good that they did something good this holiday season.

  3. Find us on Social Media and Like/Love and Share our stuff to your Friends & Contacts List.

    1. The Conscious CEO Experience Business Page

    2. The Conscious CEO Experience Community on Facebook

    3. The Conscious CEO Experience Community on LinkedIn


Thank you again for being part of the Conscious CEO Community. We look forward to serving you and giving back at the same time.

Until next time, remember that I believe in you, and that you can create extraordinary success on your own terms and from the inside out. 

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